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Mens Herringbone Tweed Navy Blue 3 Piece Check Suit

Cillian Murphy is the heart of Peaky Blinders season and was the brain behind this show. Cillian Murphy was both the Brain and Heart of Season Peaky Blinders. He played the pivotal role in the series Peaky Blinders, and he also played the elder brother. Herringbone Tweed Navy blue suit that he wore throughout the series looked fantastic. The Blue Suit features Premium Blended Fabric and a Viscose Lining.

This suit has two buttons on the front that can be worn open or shut. The lapels are a standard notched style. The Blue Suit has two inside pockets and two on the outside. One pocket is located at the chest where a handkerchief can be kept.

The blue suit comes with both a Trouser and Vest. It’s up to you which vest one chooses, but it is better to wear the whole outfit rather than just a vest. This will ruin your look.

This suit also has a blue trouser with two pockets on the front and two pockets at the back. The pockets are Zipper-closed and have a straight fit.


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Herringbone Tweed Navy blue suit
Herringbone Tweed Mens Navy Blue 3 Piece Suit
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