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Our Expedition

Our mission began as a small group dedicated fashion and business enthusiasts wanting to establish an offshore company. It has now expanded to various locations around the world. We create the exterior clothing for well-known brands based on eye-catching events such as iconic figures or art-inspired ensembles. We also experiment with patterns and embellishments in order to create our signature line of clothing.

Our Goal

We aim to create fashion that is tailored to every taste and gender. Our goal has always been to create quality clothing for our valued customers. Prioritising our customers’ needs, we ensure that they receive the best quality clothing as well as the most feasible services. Prime Jackets are committed to creating authentic ensembles.

Where is our location?

We can deliver leather jackets and other quality clothing to you anywhere in the globe. Our main office in the United States is located in Pennsylvania. The warehouse in these location has also altered. Above all standards of protection, the highest quality leather production is our top priority. The Customer Service department also aims to deliver products according to schedule.

We want to persuade people that leather jackets are the best. Shipping to international destinations is available. We offer products in all sizes and genders.