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About our Store

Jacketsy (the name you trust for online shopping) located in the United States that deals in varieties of Jackets, Hoodies, and Pants.We provide the best services to our customer by allowing them a source to contact us 24/7 whenever they have a query to discuss. We have employed best customer service team who are available for you to answer in a professional way defining every single detail about your question.

We deal in varieties of quality fabrics and leather like sheepskin, cowhide and we also have PU leather available. We have provided advanced protection and complete privacy of details for the customers purchasing from USA Jacket.

Fashion Democracy

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Who we are

Our Story

We started in the Fall of 2010. At first, we sold just jackets online; just two rookies with leather on their mind, hoping to cash in on the celebrity fashion trend. We didn’t have a plan or business credentials but selling our first pair that week was enough for us to take it seriously and invest more time in this new venture.

Then we bought our first sample of premium leather. It was there that we learned how each type of leather was unique and could be used differently.

We realized that real leather jackets look more stylish and elegant than artificial one’s and shifted our focus to create something more durable and long lasting.

Jacketsy Promise

We are committed to bettering the world using sustainable fashion and business practices. Our leather is sourced from real animals raised locally for food. We directly co-operate with cattle farmers to ensure they receive fair prices for their leather.


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