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This section of our website’s terms and conditions is constructed by compiling all the important points. All the users abide to follow all these rules and restrictions.

Copyright Disclaimer

This section asserts your ownership of all content on your website and emphasizes that it’s protected by copyright laws. It also prohibits the unauthorized use, reproduction, modification, or distribution of any content owned by Jacketsy. This is generally in line with copyright policies.

Product’s content

It’s stated that only Jacketsy has the authority to modify, update, or create product descriptions, prices, or information on the website. This seems reasonable, but it’s important to ensure that any changes made are accurately reflected on your shopping ads and comply with policies regarding accurate product information

Duties and Taxes on imported items

This section clarifies that Jacketsy is not responsible for paying any duties or taxes on imported products. However, it’s crucial to ensure that your advertising reflects any additional charges accurately and transparently to comply with policies on pricing and fees.

Linking Other Sites

Though we link other sides through our content sometimes which is not owned by us. But, we are not responsible for their content or product quality.

Ways of Online Transfer of Payment

We deal with customers throughout the globe that’s why at Jacketsy we receive payments through bank transfer or through Paypal, Visa and MasterCard.

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